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We are encouraging everyone to connect with God, connect with others, and connect with the needs of your neighbors.

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Memory Verses

Scripture memory is one of the ways you can get God’s word into you.  We challenge you to try memorizing one verse, each month, with others in the church family.


You can learn more about Baptism through our digital brochure below.

CBR Reading Guide

Read the Bible in two years with the CBR Reading Guide to keep track.

Discipleship Journey

This is a journey of learning to yield ourselves to God and discovering where God will take us.

Samson Society

This men’s only group is for men looking to answer God’s call of Biblical masculinity.

Mobile Memory Verses

Want one of the memory verses as a lockscreen on your phone? Choose between a variety of verses.

More Resources

Learn about the Heart Attitudes, learn what your Spiritual Gifts are, and more!