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Kyle Walters, WHY CHURCH? – Why Worship? – 9.17.2017

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Passion of Christ

“When we really realize the depth of the Gospel, we find the same kind of compassion to reach out to others.”

Looking in the Mirror

“Your discipleship to Jesus will be stunted, and so will your heart, unless you begin to adopt and live by Jesus’ view of scripture, of the Bible.”

Finding True Rest

“When we minister to others there is a temptation to try and get an identity FROM God and people by doing work FOR God and people.”

Psalm 84

“God will give you the desires of your heart, when your heart is full of what He desires.”

Psalm 37

“Unless we are willing to ask God to forgive our past sins, we are going to always have that gnawing feeling of shame in our hearts.”

Psalm 62

“What God was to David, in his extreme trial, He can be to you in whatever crisis you face.”

Psalm 139

“Love should never be absent from our proclamation of the truth. But, there are times when love looks tougher. As Christians we can’t be afraid to call certain things wrong, and call people to the truth of the Gospel.”

Psalm 119

“If you’re following God, and pursuing the path of purity, you can be protected from wasting your life.”

Psalm 145

“God deserves to be worshiped full-time, for the rest of our lives and for eternity.”

Psalm 19

“Scripture is a mirror that shows you your soul. If there is a command, obey it. If there is an example, follow it. If there is a warning, heed it. If there is a promise, believe it. If there’s wisdom, apply it. If there’s a sin, avoid it. If you haven’t avoided it, repent and confess, and move on.”

Psalm 13

“Prayers of lament, prayers of desperation, are also prayers of trust in God”

Psalm 146

“God’s righteousness is not merely a spiritual activity, but is intertwined with His redemptive activity in the lives of His people.”

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