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Kyle Walters, MESSY – Spiritual Gifts: Prefer Intelligibility – 2.18.2018

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The Lord’s Supper

“God disciplines those he loves, and his discipline is to wake us up and protect us from further damaging ourselves and others.”

The Discipleship Journey

“This is a journey of learning to yield ourselves to God and discovering where God will take us.”


“Part of our problem comes from our inability to see submission and equality as simultaneously possible.”

Abusing Your Freedom

“If we can realize that God is faithful in our lives, that is the first step to fighting temptation.”

The Heart of Christian Freedom

“We desperately need discernment and wisdom from the Holy Spirit, not worldly wisdom, to know when it’s important to assert our freedoms, and when we should voluntarily relinquish our rights.”

Marriage and the Kingdom of God

“One of the amazing things we see here is the mutuality of marriage: husbands and wives with equal privileges and equal responsibilities in their covenantal love relationship.”

Sex and the Kingdom of God

“Sex is meant for you to say to another person: I belong completely and exclusively to you.”

A Case of Incest

“Unless we are living by repentance and faith, the church cannot be a living picture of the gospel of Jesus.”

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