The Hero of Heroes

Jesus is unlike other heroes in that He gave up His power in order to rescue us. In Acts chapter 5 we learn from the apostles what it means to have heroic courage.

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Finishing Well

God will always rescue us; sometimes from suffering, and sometimes through suffering.

Lord of the Storm

We tend to be an either / or people: either God is totally in control, or we are totally in control. But the Bible shows a reality that is both / and: Everything is directed by God, and our choices matter.

Persuading the King

If you want to be persuasive, you must be persuaded of the truth of the gospel.

The Conversion of Paul

What would it look like for your life to be completely aligned with the rule and reign of Jesus?

The Trials of Paul

The key to a clear conscience is understanding I’m utterly guilty – and yet, I’ve been forgiven because Jesus paid my debt, and I’ve been set free.

The Gospel Ministry

One of the dynamic powers of the Christian church is spiritual friendship.

The Gospel and Idols

If there’s anything other than God that is more important to your happiness, your identity, your hope, and your meaning – that thing is acting and functioning like your god.

The Gospel to the Philosophers

God is dependent on nothing. He is sovereign over everything. He is higher and greater, more immanent and near.

How the Gospel Changes Lives (Part 2)

The gospel can change anyone. Jesus was beautiful enough for Lydia. He was powerful enough for the slave girl, and he was practical enough for the jailer. He has what you need too.

But God Raised Him

Even a religion that promises heaven, only gives you a consolation for what you’ve lost. The resurrection is the restoration of what you’ve lost.

Clarifying the Gospel

The gospel is first of all not advice, it’s news. Salvation is not something you achieve, it’s something you receive.

The Gospel for the Pagan

Everybody lives for something…and whatever that is, that is your master. The true God is the only master who became a servant, and died so we could be forgiven, and really live!

The Gospel Church

Jesus, our Advocate, speaks for you to God; the Holy Spirit, our other Advocate, speaks to you for you.

The Gospel to the Roman

Simply being a “good guy” doesn’t get you into heaven. We need to return again and again to the content of the gospel.

The Gospel to the Pharisee

If a God of our own making cannot challenge us, change us, convert us, then what we need is a God with reality, a God who is greater than our hearts.

The Gospel to the African

Christianity does not belong to one culture over and against another; is not the byproduct of some culture; stands over all culture, and it’s the job of the Holy Spirit to give birth and life to Christianity in the soil of every culture.

The Gospel to the City

Salvation is a free gift of sheer grace to undeserving people because of Jesus Christ and what he did. In chapter 8 we learn about the characteristics of the gospel mission.

Suffering and Glory

We can’t be saved without fulfilling the law, and yet we can’t fulfill the law. So what’s the answer? We pick up our Acts series at the end of chapter 7.

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