Be our guest on Sunday morning!

Our goal is to create an environment where you, your family and your friends can encounter Jesus in a welcoming, friendly, inspiring and life-changing way.

If you’re new to church, you’ll feel incredibly welcomed; bring your doubts and your questions – we did too.  If you’re just reconnecting to church, Mission Trails Church is a great place for a spiritual reboot.  Our “life together” is designed to be simple, focused on life-change, and not cluttered by endless programs. Got kids?  We do too. We’ve worked to create an environment that is fun, safe, and speaks hope and truth to their little hearts in a way they can understand.

2 Sunday Service Times: 9:00 & 10:30 am

4880 Zion Ave, San Diego, CA 92120

For our Mission Valley location, go here:

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Why Worship?

“We become like what we worship, because what we worship is what we love.”

Why Gospel?

“You don’t just believe that you’ve been saved by grace, it becomes glorious to you.”

Remembering to Breathe

“You’ve got to know you have a relationship with God based on grace, not your performance.”

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