Psalms Series

God can use the Psalms to encourage and strengthen us in every season of life.  Check out teaching from 3 impactful Psalms in this message series.

Psalm 16

Remember what is in his presence- fullness of joy, pleasures forevermore. We experience His presence in those moment when we listen to His counsel, and focus our attention on obeying what He says.

Psalm 29

“To ‘ascribe’ is not merely verbal honor or praise, but that nothing is to be withheld from the Lord that is due to him and him alone.”

Psalm 1

Every thought is filtered through some reality about life. The Scriptures should be that filter…that is meditating on God’s Word.

Psalm 23

Our Shepherd became the sacrificial lamb, died on the cross, so that we can experience true peace.

Psalms – PSALM 37 Tod Ferguson, Psalms - PSALM 37 - 8.9.15 Audio from "8.9.15"- Tod Ferguson, Psalms - PSALM 37 [audio...

Psalms – PSALM 46 Scott Grandi, Psalms - PSALM 46 - 8.2.15 Audio from "8.2.15"- Scott Grandi, Psalms - PSALM 46 [audio...

Psalms – PSALM 51 David Worcester, Psalms - PSALM 51 - 7.26.15 Audio from "7.26.15"- David Worcester, Psalms - PSALM 51 [audio...

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Act 3

“What God is up to in history is that his covenant relationship with people would create a new kind of person, a new kind of people, a new kind of community.”

Act 2

“The eyes of faith are required to perceive the hand of God in the apparent ‘coincidences’ or ‘accidents’ of life.”

Act 1

“Ruth represents the possibility of hope; the hope of fullness again.”