Margin Series

Margin-less living wears you and those around you down slowly like erosion.  Learn how to find space to live with Jesus leading in this series.

Margin – Rest Kyle Walters, MARGIN, "Rest" 2.24.13 Audio from "2.24.13" -

Margin – Contentment Kyle Walters, MARGIN, "Contentment" 2.17.13 Audio from "2.17.13" -

Margin – Finances Kyle Walters, MARGIN, "Financial" 2.10.13 Audio from "2.10.13" -

Margin – Time Kyle Walters, MARGIN, "Time" 2.3.13 Audio from "2.3.13" -

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“Part of our problem comes from our inability to see submission and equality as simultaneously possible.”

Abusing Your Freedom

“If we can realize that God is faithful in our lives, that is the first step to fighting temptation.”