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The Commission

“The work of the church is to fish and to shepherd.”

The Resurrection

“Belief leads to life, and this life is a gift given through the power of Jesus, God’s Son.”

The Death

“He is not a victim, but a servant doing God’s will. This is not a cry of desolation, but an announcement of triumph.”

The Crucifixion

“We cannot simply be enlightened by Jesus, we must see ourselves as saved; rescued from a crisis as terrible as slavery to the Egyptians.”

The Trial

“Jesus deflects all attempts to put his leadership in a political box. His kingdom comes from another place…and the true nature of it can be seen in the behavior of his disciples.”

The Arrest

“Throughout his passion (suffering), Jesus is not a victim, he’s sovereign.”

Joy in the Mourning

“The Bible teaches that the troubles between us are actually due to the troubles that exist within us.”

The Mission of the Spirit

“The only way for the Spirit to get us acquitted from the guilt and power of evil in our life is to convince us of the guilt and power of evil in our life.”

When the World Hates You

“The ‘Radical Challenge’ is to go out and testify, and for this, the world will hate you.”

The Vine

“To remain in Christ, means to keep in fellowship with Christ so that His life can work in and through us to produce fruit.”

The Other Advocate

“The day you trust in Jesus Christ your advocate on the outside, the Holy Spirit becomes your advocate on the inside.”

The Way

“If Jesus is the way, the truth, the life, then it means that Jesus is the mediator between God and humankind.”

The Mark of a Christian

“Here is the way that you will know that you have actually seen the glory of God: Radical Love.”

The Lord’s Supper

“What does it mean to betray the Lord? It’s to simply act as if you have rights that you don’t have; to say, Get out of my life, when you really owe him everything.”

Belief & Unbelief

“God has provided His Word, and He’s provided a community of believers. Are you walking in the light? Do you have light or are you muddled in darkness?”

The Weight of Glory

Adoration is a spiritual discipline. It means focusing on the truth. It means recollecting the truth. It means reasoning it out. It means rubbing your eyes and looking at it.

The Wasteful Woman

“No gift can be too precious that shows gratitude for what Jesus is about to do.”

Out from the Grave

“Rightly understanding who Jesus is, and what he is doing, and why he is doing it makes all the difference.”

The Good Shepherd

“Ironically, the times that we feel most dependent are the times where we find we are most independent.”

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