Get Your Own Groceries

How do people grow as Christians? Really? Practically? What sorts of things make a lasting difference in our lives, and a lasting impact in the lives of others? It ain’t self-help, it ain’t magic – but it’s also not a mystery. Join us for this practical and important teaching series that shows what sorts of habits help us grow in life and faith.

Serving Others

The things you do to become like Jesus are like sails on a ship.

Silence & Solitude

When you will come to Jesus, without condition, then you will see the scandalous offer of his unconditional love and it will change you.


The Bible is not about you, and what you have to do to be right. It’s about Jesus and what He did for you on the cross.

GENEROSITY – (Get Your Own Groceries) Kyle Walters, (Get Your Own Groceries) - GENEROSITY - 8.25.13 Audio from "8.25.13"- Kyle Walters, GENEROSITY [audio...

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“Part of our problem comes from our inability to see submission and equality as simultaneously possible.”

Abusing Your Freedom

“If we can realize that God is faithful in our lives, that is the first step to fighting temptation.”